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Human nature has enabled us to interact with different types of humans, society is split into race, gender, culture, family backgroung, and social class might not want to open up;might be a closed minded person.

The population is unique each individual is different our features can vary physically and mentally. Our wealth and our social class can have a lasting impact on us in our lives;from life expectancy to our quality of life.

People's wealth is mixed with social background inviromental factors such as lower class, the wealth scale is from top to bottom people who are above the poverty line, people who are below the poverty line and people who are in the middle.

Social groups include, different, chavs, posh, rich and cool, society harbours different types of people. We are a growing and ageging population. we form opinions about different people, from stereotypes we see in media and in real life.

Wealth can effect health, the food we eat can be lower in quality, which means we may not get the nutrition our bodies need, Today's society has a growning gap with education and careers.

Emotional development is also effected due to lack of oppotunities amougngst people with difficulties in famlies and out in the community,

Wealither families may have better access to private education and top universities, this is due to the divide dating back to generations ago.

The way we see people has developed from family morals and traditions, for example we may see the elderly as boring and wrinkely, because old age for the current young is years away.

Life exspectancy is growning it is likely that the teenage generation we live to 100 or beyond.




The boy of wonder

He is about, 5’ 6”, in height, tall like a pole to bigger things, growing to full potential, his body like a porcelain: figurine, slim. Slender, perfect features, delicately created, for societies wishes, moulding him self to fit in with high society, like he is morphing to perfecto. His face is like a still video capture, with no knowledge on how to change, stuck on one setting, powering up, but failing to reboot. He looks so blank, a lost boy; his mind wondering, powering

His eyes motionless,, dark, weary still, as still as black dots up, charging his energy, refreshing his ideas. . No glint, no warmth his neck so bold, full of gobbledygook, waiting to explode, waiting for its moment. His soul so cold, robotic, unempythetic, and callous, no change in his ways, secretly spiteful, its pitiful, a glance of wrath , looking contempt at what he has achieved, no sense of long term purpose. A boy to his true form. He is superior with his boring unchangeable exterior. He stands so still, solider still, waiting for a command, looking for commandants. Like time has stopped. Like he has come to a stand still, no where to turn; direction going off track, considering different path ways.

He walks so confidently,, like he is empowered with success and knowledge. His stare is deep, and direct. It’s purposefully, he has reasons. As if he is looking through you, analysing your soul. Making assumptions. Planting doubts in your mind, assuming your purpose.

His soul, shines through his closed posture,, his shell is weakening, with the crowd of voices breaking down his reasoning’s, melting his prison , his voice so smooth, and flowing. With no pauses, every sound in tune, interconnected words, a loop that goes on and on. , his mind is like a computer, more electronic than human, full of Science jargon, like he has swallowed a biology manual., instructions and theories, coming to the surface of a human, filling him with knowledge, weakening his social understandings , a search engine; which has come up with; too much information, which is not related, to human conventional, conversational speech. , the words are not his own, taken from the world of artificial intelligence,, his mind connected with the beyond, he is rehearsed, like he is reading from a planned script, . His eyes look dead, when he talks, they don’t move, still. Like the eyes, of a painting, still forever, waiting for something to change, waiting for time to move on., he is suppressed, he is compressing with knowledge, he is yearning for more,, stretching an unfinished canvas.

His posture, as if he is pinned, on a wall, his arms hang as straight as darts. Like he can’t let go of his potential dreams. , holing on, not backing down. His back, straight, ironed, firmed, pressed up look. Trying to impress, to much. Elaborating and exaggerating him self, indulging his alter ego.

He talks non sense; he makes no sense, his tone with an edge of sarcasm. so complicated, and unique, no awareness of social mistakes. Unaware of others. unable to detect, critism. Shielding him self with his passions. He is an in-depth person; there is more to him than meets the eyes, the eyes only see half of the truth. His hidden ad genders, are seeping through into reality, the outer shell is his protection from his mind, a barrier to his thoughts. Stopping other people from getting in.

He talks fast; rushing his words, using words which are long and complicated, as complicated as his personality. Then there are peak times, where he temporary slows down, overloaded internet connection, slowing, down in confusion, being over used, being abused, and wearing down. Then he speeds up, a bike losing control of the peddles.

His hair, so dark, a dark hole of despair and challenge, like the plastic outer shell of a laptop, , so in place and never changes.,, smooth and practical


The boy of wonder 2:

This boy is clumsy, floppy, .dozy,, looking unsurely tall, as if he is almost bending, bending to stupidity, bending, trying to expand him self. He is stretched out, stretched to lower social status, it’s lowering day by day, the chance slowly slipping away, his big hands stretch to keep hold, the hands of disgrace, a big failure . His face covered with acne, its spreading with awkwardness, it’s red and inflamed, with growing sadness, and anger, with a slight glimmer of hope, where there is no acne in places. His face, rough looking, itchy, itchy like ant powder. His eyes dead, of sadness,. Dark and old button like, like he has died inside, with lack of respect socially, His eyes small, in size, the eyes of a swallow, losing hope, with lack of opportunities..

His teeth, as Sharpe as a sharks teeth, waiting to bite a chance of coolness. , but the chance turns into a joke. His clown like appearance, deters him from mixing with the cool, and the popular, he hangs around with his known territory, his feet, big and heavy, heavy with the despair of freakishness. His smile, big, he ( has obviously swallowed a melon, and it is stuck in his mouth) his mouth looks as if it is stretching, waiting to break into a smile, but failing, like he has nothing to smile about, a sun diming.

His hair smooth, rounded to fit his head, his hair, thinning with tension. A young man with an old mans hair, the stress of trying to fit in. it’s dull in appearance, to suit his persona, and personality. Its dullness like the thunder of grump, the rain of the morning.

His personality, average, boring and suppressed with closed posture, he rarely ever opens his soul, he keeps him self in to warn off anyone trying to get in, he looks above your head, like he has no focus of his eyes, they rarely ever move, the stay still, as still as rusty drawing pins, pins which have formed into eyes, but still have the previous functions and appearance., like they don’t want to acknowledge, there new purpose , his eyes sit still, tight, waiting for changes.

His voice, a tone of hope, with an edge of wonder. a sense, of day dream. He often looks up at the ceiling, wondering of his potential, questioning his existence. He fears the unknown, he questions his social circumstances.

He walks, with shame, his head, lowering, with un satisfaction., functioning only to exist, for the amusement of others., his walk, unconfident and uncertain. He is abused, by his axssistance, a freak, by label, he could be more inside, but it is compressed, it seeps through, but it escaped back inside, never to return.,

His brain full of fog, a damned connection, its function, to talk about anything, he laughs to cover up the truth, a like a man with a secret, but hiding it within. His true form is only coming to the surface; he has a varied personality, showing only what is expected of him by society

The Cupboard

This cupboard is dark, overpowering engulfing phenomena , cramped and creepy, it smells of something indescribable, so shocking its hard to explain it in words. I can see an old wooden chair beside me. It is as old as a shrivelled old man it is wet and slimy, it looked like an old man’s flesh had imprinted on the chair and decomposed day by day, the slim , coughed up flem as I touch it I feel a bone like object it is also slimy and wet. It stinks to hell,: thunder of oh mighty . I can hear moaning voices from behind me, past deaths, past echo’s, calling out. The darkness is shadowed in monstrous shadows, the evilness of he crimes. The cupboard is cold and airless, no air, no atmosphere, like the shocking contents of the cupboard had scared the air away, like the air its self was breathless.

I can smell the stale rotting dead skin cells on the floor from previous people who were trapped, the traces and clues were everywhere.. I can just about see some clear jars full of eye balls with red blood and stomach vile, when I looked closer they looked like pickled eggs which had been eaten into by the vinegar . , it smells like a vampire’s fridge, my vision is not too clear. I focus on the smell of the dead, its sort of soupy concoction.

As I run my hands along the floor I can feel a long wiggle object it feels like a muscle of some sort. As I squeeze it, acid comes out it, it curles around as I squeeze and squeeze. The smell is putrefying. As I hold this mysterious object a hot liquid drips out on to the floor., it almost burns my feet, like volcano lava . As I feel around again on the floor, I pick up this bag like object and as I do so, it burst, I can feel digested food, attached to it is a string like thing. The string , like a baby’s umbilical cord, but it wasn’t Like an out of shape bomb, made out of recycled body parts, its texture is smooth and squashy; the objects visually are blurred into one by my naked eye, a horror scene with the camera off focus.

The walls weren’t too clear, but I could see them enough, I could smell them ENOUGH, the walls harboured , maggots, lice , they were mixed into each other like they were mating, to create a creature so deathly: that represented the sick discoveries, like the discovers had became one big, dead flesh like creature waiting to shock some more, like the dead had been reborn into something more sickening some of the maggots fell to the floor, like they represented that the horror had been amped up a gear ., I could hear a slight humming sound, of accumulated flies that had been silent but I had disturbed them with my presence , I could see, dry blood, the blood was, was like clotted, a heart that had been shot with 50 bullets, I was hallucinating with dehydration, i felt as dry as the sense of humour in this cupboard. the heart, looked like it was moving slightly like it was trying to tell me something

I began to hear a beating sound, a muffled drum: of frustration. a constant reminder of the truth

Food is necessary, don’t hesitate,, don’t dictate , get fit, get the hit, just pull up your hood, even during a flood. , fight the fat, jump from a great height. Don’t decide to sit back; and eat and eat and rub your feet, you will feel the heat, because you will become large, , frying in the hot weather, you will not be as light as a feather, in this weather., pant and rant break through your pain barrier, get there.

Just go to the shops, first put on your flops, its not just for the wealthy, you can still be healthy.. you can order online, just ring the phone number on the website and enter your details, don’t tell tales.. it will arrive, go and dive, you don’t need to drive.. just open the door sign


Food is necessary, don’t hesitate,, don’t dictate , get fit, get the hit, just pull up your hood, even during a flood. , fight the fat, jump from a great height. Don’t decide to sit back; and eat and eat and rub your feet, you will feel the heat, because you will become large, , frying in the hot weather, you will not be as light as a feather, in this weather., pant and rant break through your pain barrier, get there.

Just go to the shops, first put on your flops, its not just for the wealthy, you can still be healthy.. you can order online, just ring the phone number on the website and enter your details, don’t tell tales.. it will arrive, go and dive, you don’t need to drive.. just open the door sign your name,, its no game, its not lame. and drop it straight on the floor., then drop, and shut the door

Just get jogging, get jumping and moving, do the hovering. Make a healthy meal,, do it real, make a deal, don't reel, you will feel bad, make sure you read the label on food, don’t be a rebel. , bake not fry, don’t die,

Fresh vegetables, cook them with care, its only fair, lay the table, chose wise, the determination never dies. Wash your hands, tie your hair up with rubber bands., be hygienic, energetic and happy.



 Popular social group vs. The Unpopular Group Dialect, tone, social class and discrimination


Part 1 chapter 1

There’s a place where no one dared to set foot on, the Hoodies patch called the Black Path, it a path of mystery and wonder, its a path where things are left unsaid a gateway to unthinkable things . Hoodies stay in those shadows away from those ‘ordinary’ people; the Black Path is their haven. Any one whom dares to look at them is no more;  they wear hoods to obscure terrifying faces, to hide the unthinkable truth about themselves. A scientist by the name of Keith had  been studying these pheomanias, his personality appeared to be  not that of a young boy but a creped old man trapped in a boys young flesh. A scientist gaining the knowledge to make a scientific breakthrough; a one that will change the world forever. All of hoodie-kind.

Through the day, Hoodies hide from the enemy the ‘Teacher’s Crowd’ who want to stop them having a phat time. The Black Path is the only safe place that they can hide out in through the day; the dark shadows keep them safe from terrifying and unthinkable  things such as rabbits that hop around , fluffy kittens that threaten them with their soft fur, old folk music that damages that sense of style and softens their mind and knitting and all that kind of sad stuff.

 There’s just one green gate that separates The Black Path from the old people’s patch, Terrance Gardens. Old folk are very wary of them. They have been given the nick name/phrase by the ‘old folks’ and those ‘ordinary’ people, Good for nothing but nickings. Like quick and cunning specimens  . Some/most old folk are scared by there glowing eyes that glow in the darkness, reminds them of their worst fears coming true, like a film becoming reality, something from the dark ages. Something unnatural, reality and unreality blurring and becoming one”realityunreality”.

The Hoodies appearance is very distorted, sand conjured up, Ambiguous to the meaning, interpreted in a negative way and unique, their skin is stubborn dirty grey and their eyes are a glowing red colouring like fire and larva, their lips are of a shiny purple colouring just like space rock, shining in the lazer light beam of their eyes, they have light blue veins sticking out from their skin like a possession taking hold of the young,  the devil ranting inside. Their hoods are dark green and brown, they  wear blue baggy jeans with out a belt, with their under pants showing, like chavs letting loose to Keith’s disapproval.

The noises they make through the night frighten the local residents of Terrence Gardens, hoodies are the reason why so many old folk are too scared to leave their homes. The hoodies give of such an over powering smell, like rotten cabbage. Hoodies don’t give a dam about any body normal. They prefer to stay with their own kind.

Late one evening, the madness commenced. Hoodies came out from the darkness like little rats; they began to make a strange growling noise like angry bears. They were letting the people know whose boss; they made sure that no normal people were watching, before taking off their hoods. Their mad glowing red eyes glared at the old houses. The Hoodies hated the old folk for always telling them off for spraying graphite. Like cool dudes. They started to giggle when an old timid looking old lady dared to stand up to them, she was clever because she knew one of the things that the Hoodies were scared of the sweet little kittens.

The nice sweet old lady held up the cute fluffy white kittens, all of a sudden. The scary Hoodies began to growl at her, and then she held up the scariest thing of all, the little genie pig. The Hoodies were so terrified they quickly disappeared into the darkness like frightened crows. The Hoodies were no where to be seen.


Part 2 chapter 2

All the old lady could hear was the sweet little birds going tweet tweet, like sweet music playing a representation of her character . The hoodies terrifying noises had ceased. But the old sweet old lady was not going to give up that easily, she ran down stairs and out of her front door like a speedy cheater, no one could stop her thought trail. She searched for the hoodies in crowd, she shouted in anger. Why do you bother us old folk? When can’t you be normal for a change?

Then all within 5 minutes, the hoodies slowly came out from the terrifying darkness like little Beatles. The hoodies came prepared and armed with new monkey music, they held their stereos up to the sweet old lady and then persevered, and they turned up the volume. The sweet old lady quickly covered her ears with her hands; Hoodies were not clever enough to know that the old lady was armed too. With classical music she held up her old fashioned radio and played the music.

The hoodies went mad they couldn’t stand it. The hoodies glowing eyes began to glare at the old lady like little devils, the power of their glowing eyes turned the old lady to rock solid stone. The old lady was powerless to stop them. They were now ready to take on the other old folk, like mighty warriors. They steadily climbed over the gate; they quietly walked over to the front door with out making any noise. Each hoodie had a task to do the hoodies were going to get rid of all the old folk. The hoodies prepared their chant “Old Folk Disappear Replace Them with Us Hoodies Old Folk Go Away”

They prepared their deadly potion, in their mysterious deep pockets. They added spit and paint. They stirred the brownie liquid with their long lighters. Like a mixing bowl, they began to, grin their evil grin, like little devils. The grin was as big as a melon. They poured their stinky and bubbling potion into shoe bags then they catapulted them at the old folk’s windows. “This ell get em” they giggled with a smug look on their faces.

The windows smashed like shattering ice, the horror was commencing. The old folk screamed in terror, their was no hope for them. The old folk staggered and then there was a big purple flash of smoke and the old folk were no more. The houses of Terrance Gardens were now completely empty of old folk. The only things that remained were the old folk’s prized possessions., they grinned like treasure cats.


Hoodie madness 2 the out of this world changes!

Chapter 1 part 1

Time had passed and It was 2 years later and Keith was back to his usual life, unaware that the hoodies planned to return very, very soon.

The hoodies had breaded their species and their was, little hoodies every where ready to cause destruction, they had mutated as part of the cycle of the evolution of the race. So they all hopped on a bus back to Gremlin . The bus and the passengers did not survive.. The hoodies cackled loudly like witches that were about to croak it. And they wrecked more havoc at Keith’s street. They set fire to bins; they set fire to small ordinary and average children

“ooooooooow ahhhhhh ooooo aaar”! They screamed with bereavement . The smell of burnt flesh was every where. Keith was too busy focusing on one of his telescope slides to NOTICE WHAT WAS GOING ON!, he often got lost within his interest of Science;  He was clever but at sometimes he could not recognise his own surroundings.

Chapter 2 part 2

5 years had past and it appeared that no one could stop them, until the super genius boy by the name of Keith  turned up on the scene again. The silly hoodies were too busy to notice him. Keith Stern had made a potion to destroy the species and replace them with good, intelligent, normal people. Keith had been doing research on the hoodies and he discovered what had turned them into what they are today. It was lack of going to school, lack of sleep and not doing homework. This was all based on a made up survey that he created so that he would have something to go on.

Keith sprayed the potion quickly so that there was no escape, the potion was almost clear in colour with a vinegary smell. It immediately took effect. Keith said with a sigh, “Thank god for that” he preyed his potion would work...

Chapter 3 part 3

The hoodies were no longer hoodies. They began to want to go to school and they knew keith for what he really was. Keith felt glad about the situation changing for him. But is that really the end for the hoodies species In Keith’s mind?, Keith’s distorted image of the world came from his desperation to fit in; , which he failed at so he rebelled against what people expected( he rebelled against traditional social conventions)

So Keith was back to his usual experiments, which included the nerdy mixing acids with calcium, mixing different elements. A new breed of very different hoodies awaited Keith, Keith liked new challenges, Round three is just beginning , Teddy Boys a very different and deadly kind were brewing. They were tough not like the other breed that were boys/girls and not fully maturated . They wore top hats, grey/black trousers with a brown leather belt and black leather shoes, they were superior and sterntheir attire was more adult like. They dressed the same and looked the same physically: the sheep effect. Their eyes were of  acrylic brown, their skin was red, their hair was brown, and they had busted lips.

Keith Stern as he as known was a bit of a legend, always doing experiments and making new formulas, he shied away from people and always like the company of his experiments rather than humans He was a timid boy and kept him self closed, not wanting to expose his nature too much. He began notice the a smell after loosing focus on his slide. Before he HAD A CHANCE TO REACT it was too late, he was too engrossed in the words of chemistry, they kicked down his front door!  In such an all might force; They punched Keith hard like a deflexion from his personality but Keith had a plan as always he wished they could go away and turn into positive people like the other species In his mind only one personality should exist. His wish came true! God had heard his prayers. They were all turned into positive people who were in a sense a bit more like Keith, he had moulded them to his liking. The fear and horror was fading from their appearance.

Keith decided to go to his local council and ask them to build more youth clubs for youths to keep them off the street but deep down Keith was a sheep really, he copies everyone else. Monsters they had been now they are the same on the outside but with a different attitude. People began to see them in different light no more glowing eyes! Keith was the one that only saw red, the fear had disappeared.

2 weeks later and Keith and the council had set up a project to help the young.  The council were still in the dark about Keith’s true personality, they always thought of him as a kind, helpful and caring young man, but his care is just a front as he want what he can get ,to help his own needs. It still needed work but more youth were off the streets and having fun positively with their mates! This was more or less just for Keith’s benefit as he had a stubborn attitude and he was warpped up in himself and more projects were set up across the UK.

The hoodies still did not behave them selves they caused havoc in the project room. They ate the council they ate all the town’s cats and dogs. The council were fuming about the whole thing. Keith decided to teach them a real lesson. So he transported them to outer space with his transporter machine for a week the hoodies” Shouted don’t do it!” But it was no use.

Keith phoned his best friend charlotte loopy Charlotte was a boisterous girl who was never afraid to stand out from the crowd; she always was herself. to tell her what he had none…….” Hi charlotte” Keith said happily.

“Hi”charlotte spoke unenthusiastically.

How are you then?


 “You never guess what I have done”; “I’ve got rid of the hoodies” Keith spoke in a relieved manor, he stiffened his body, he felt proud of himself, spilling out arrogance.

 “Maybe they will learn not to behave so atrociously Charlotte said optimistically” she slightly smiled a devious smile, Charlotte was a bit of nerd always at Keith’s beckon  call

” Charlotte have I left my memory stick in your house? Keith said curiously.

Umm... “Don’t know I don’t think so”... “’ill have a look Keith, ok?”

“K charlotte” “have to go now Keith, see you tonight for the sleep over!” Charlotte punched the air excitable. “Bang”.

k charlotte, cya”

Back in outer space the hoodies were still causing mischief, they had landed on mars, a far away land waiting to dig deep into the blackhole of terror and fear. They throw rocks and slime at each other, the slim was thick and alive like, like a living, breathing and shapeless being breaking out into flesh form. “What ye dein?” “Nowt man!” One of them shouted sarcastically. They got the shock of their life when a herd of funny looking men entailed with glittery skin,  and they  appeared to  all be wearing blue hard hats with a gold badge, orange trousers, pink firm coloured shirts and moon boots, a bright ray of mystery awaited the Hoodies...

They marched up to the hoodies.The Hoodies stood still. They spoke in a foreign language ew era eht licepo” they vaporised the Hoodies for trespassing on their planet. It turned out they were intergalactic police. They returned to the station they contacted Keith to tell him they were gone. Keith had access to all the planets in the galaxy. Any more trouble and he planned to send all troublesome species up into space!

Keith hated all species of Hoodie he preferred it if they never ceased to exist. His love of creating potions came to be when; he was tormented by the race. All his life he wanted so desperately to change 



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