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New... Jonathan Livinston Seagull Essay:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a book about a different Seagull who stands out from the rest, he tries to fly higher than all of the flock, but he is misunderstood when it comes to his flying. As most birds fly for food, Most gulls don’t bother to learn more than the simplest” facts of flight” this shows that he is special and the other gulls don’t imagine learning more complex things to do with flying as it is not necessary for them.  Jonathan aims to overcome anything that gets in his way no matter how hard it is, when he flys he over comes obstacles, such as when he crashes into the sea, he never let this put him off,  his own family don’t agree with what his is doing, “ Why can’t you be like the rest of the flock” his parents are frustrated with him as he is all feathers an bones, food is not important to Jonathan but the act of learning more complex flying is. Jonathan tries to prove that gulls are capable of so much more if they put their mind to it., Jonathan tried to show the rest of the flock that gulls are so much more than the basic art of flying, the message that Jonathan gets across is that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


Jonathan aimed to show other flocks that they are better than basic. Jonathan hits dead ends but he overcomes them by working hard to achieve better potential, Jonathan glided at a speed in which was believed to be impossible for  a Seagull, but he proved that this was not the case., even when he was proving this he felt dizzy and tired he still continued to work hard, his self esteem was being uplifted as he achieved success the harder he tried, he got a sense  of overpowering happiness as he was achieving what he wanted, he says that freedom is in flight, flight is “freedom” but the other gulls think this is shameful as what Jonathan has been doing is not considered traditional , even though Jonathan knows he has not got support from that other gulls he does not let this get him down , but Jonathan still continues to prove them wrong, he sees a deeper realm of flyinh which is courage and desire.


Jonathan tries to focus on what he wants, he wants to be happy and free and flying for him is freedom, he doesn’t care that he has been out casted, his adventure in the sky lifts his mood, he truly believes in him self. That’s why he achieves the more complex flying the more he believes in his ability the higher and the faster he becomes., the sky is the happiest place he can be he can get away from the traditional gulls down on earth , and only focus on one thing which Is flying. As he gets older he starts to teach younger gulls that flying is more than a chore, it can be magnificent, he teaches them everything he knows. The main message is that ordinary creatures can do extraordinary things.







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